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Located in London, United Kingdom, we are award-winning filmmakers and video producers. Our work mainly focuses on e-commerce products promotional videos, small business commercial videos, travel videos, instagram facebook and other social media videos.  At the heart of May Films’ work lies our passion for creating video content that promotes positive social change as well as making the world a better place. During our existence, we have always enjoyed working with a variety of people. 

  • VIDEO CONTENT PLANNING. Working on strategy of video creation to capture and produce the right ideas you have in mind.

  • FILMING PROCESS. Shooting the scenes for your video using a range of our latest HD cameras and equipment.

  • EDITING PROCESS. Composing filmed footage to suit your video idea. Adding sound effects, visual design and colour grading.

  • FINISHED VIDEO RELEASE. You receive a finished video in specific format to suit your needs ready for immediate use.

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We Are a Highly Resourceful Film Video Production Team in London.

We are always motivated. Our pride comes from the ability to deliver magnificent film video work to all our clients— both at individual and as large-scale level. This is thanks to a sense of responsibility in our team.

We have a solid foundation of technical skills and abilities together with an aptitude for creative design and artistic direction; all originating from our many years of professional experience. We really appreciate working through projects from their initial concept to delivering a quality end service. In advance of any commission, we are forever attentive to offer the best advice to any client.

Again, we, Professional Video Production Company always strive to deliver the best quality promotional videos for any e-commerce product for your amazon or eBay listings and as your budget dictates. We cherish involving our customers in discussions at the pre-production stage of any project as many decisions made at that stage can make a considerable difference to the output and quality of the final service.

We produce and film visually appealing Instagram, Facebook and social media videos, emotionally compelling videos that entertain, inspire, and convert. Our high-quality approach enables us to drive the growth of visionary, purpose-driven brands across the globe.

Since our societies have become more visually conscious and concentrate for the least time than ever before, a video has been realized to be one of the most effective methods of reaching viewers and followers on Instagram. So, we can deliver intended messages as well as influence the audiences.

We deliver commercial videos for your e-commerce Amazon and eBay, that create lasting connections with your viewers, whether by entertaining them, showing them how a product is used, or giving them a glance at what happens behind the scenes of your company.

We do this by putting ourselves within the target audiences’ shoes, listening for beyond what we already realize our clients, and using our clients’ unique strengths and stories to springboard video content creation.

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